Friday, May 09, 2008


RANtAi’s Acoustic Night is a yearly event, first started in the year 2007. This is a one-night event where performers will bring their music on using acoustic set. Usually, this event features local upcoming acts. For this year’s Acoustic Night, we decided to come up with 3 parts of music events, each will be on different days and showcasing different kind of performers. The theme for this year’s Acoustic Night is “La Voix” Acoustic. The first part of the 3 parts will be happening on the 25th of May 2008 with the sub-theme, “La Voix de Femmes”. In this part, we will be featuring only female single acts and bands with girls as their vocalist. They are Yuna, Ana Raffali, Sundae, Lovesick Avenue and Robot Asmara. This coming event will be a tad different from previous year’s as we will be having a santai session between the performers, the media and the committee members. In a nutcase, this year’s Acoustic Night will bring up something different and surely will take the acoustic music to the next level.
Since it’s an acoustic night, a moshing crown won’t be seen there. Instead, a crowd which will be sitting down, singing along, enjoying themselves through out the night. The main objective of coming with this kind of event is to provide a variety of music to the different crowds here in Malaysia. Since every week people are organizing gigs involving loud music, a week without loud music and moshing crowd would provide a great relief for all of us

The ArtistsYuna may need no introduction of who she is. She is a growing talent and a local indie scene favorite who writes a couple of songs, and basically picks out the best out of the bunch to share it with the world. She is first known through her rendition of Oh Chentaku’s Polaroid. Her songs, according to her, is best listened to when lying on the grass during a quiet afternoon or when you’re in the car watching the trees go by. She loves the music coming from the 60’s and 70’s eras, Jimi Hendrix, Alanis Morissette and Feist. Her first ep containing songs such deeper conversation, backpacking to Europe and after midnight was sold out in one night proving that this lass has arrived.
Ana Raffali first break came through when she first performed for one of the famous layar tanchap’s monthly event. Since then, she has never looked back. She claimed that she’s just singing her thoughts aloud with the help from her guitar and surely, she has beautiful thoughts. She loves songs that create moods, force out feelings, melodiously dramatic, dark or pretty or both. Her famous renditions include tingkap kaca, ghost and small heart. She might be petite in size, but her talent is larger than life. Definitely one of the upcoming acts who will stay around for some time.
Lovesick avenue was formed in 2005. They have been playing indie and power pop music all along. It’s a six-piece band where Nawwar Shukriah leads the vocal, Khairi Anuar and Akram Jamil strum the guitar, Mohd Nasrul stroke the bass, Mohd Aizat hits the drums and Khairul Fatin embraces the keyboard. Besides the line-up mentioned above, the band has other members too. They are Faisal pae (sessionist/sound enginner), Adib Azfar (sessionist/drums), Joe Amirnor (sessionist/acoustic) and Mohd Khairulhazwan (photographer). The band doesn’t have any ep yet, but it’s coming out soon. Until then, you have to check this awesome band out at and listen to their infectious tunes of euphony and purple bracelet. You’ll find yourself saying, the coming soon ep is definitely worth waiting for.
Robot Asmara is not like your usual porn fix. This highly energetic band was formed in January 2008, and just like the delicious Sundae, Art-Ku-Statik was their first gig. The band members are Lin (vocal), Ijam (guitar), Tom (lead guitar), Kudut (drummer) and Danial (synth). They are influenced by various kinds of musicians from Led Zeppelin to Michael Jackson to NOFX to The Police and to Sarah Yakob which explain why their music is a mixture of pop, pop disco, punk and jazz. Their first single, Hati Besi is a contagious one and will be included in their ep which will be released soon along with other 4 songs which don’t have the title yet. This band can be found on With Robot Asmara, porn will be overrated, soon, very soon.
Sundae doesn’t only come with the delicious chocolate sauce, it also comes with beautiful songs, apparently. This band’s first public appearance was at the Art-Ku-Statik event organized by EGO. This sprightly band is made up of Anis and Apple (guitar and vocals), Zul (bass), Umar (piano, violin, percussions) and Bryan (drums, percussions). The music they have been playing is a smooth blend between pop and jazz. They are influenced by Mocca, The Cardigans, Eisley and Sixpence None The Richer. They have not recorded anything yet but their melodious and catchy I feel for it and hilang can be listened here, Sundae has never taste better than this, hasn’t it?